Solutions on a

different scale
How we do it
At Pangolin Solutions we pride ourselves on providing professional services through years of experience in this space, but how we engage is what differentiates us:
  • We engage with customers to develop our relationship as a, trusted advisor
  • We demonstrate potential value of our solutions that strengthen our offering
  • We create vision to business, because we know our product
  • We take control of the opportunities & drive Customers forward
  • We have a competent team who can deliver value-based implementations

Consulting Services

It’s not just about selling solutions, we need to add value and prove value through the following engagements:

  • Information Assessments
  • Strategic Workshops
  • Value Consulting
  • Health Checks

Professional Services

We use industry best practice project management methodologies, but its more than just a methodology, it’s about being:

  • Adaptive
  • Visualize the outcome
  • Manage expectations
  • Act now
  • Think F.A.A.S.T
  • Collective Wisdom
  • Stay Engaged


Pangolin Technical Support is dedicated to helping you maximize the return on your customers’ technology investment by offering a complete support system designed to meet their business needs across a diverse set of business application areas. Pangolin Support focuses on compressing the time frame from issue inception to resolution while providing a remarkable service experience.
Solutions on a
different scale
We are Value Added Resellers for:
- Financial Services
- Insurance
- Mining & Manufacturing
- Government
- Human Resources
- Accounting
- Legal
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Tel. +27 60 973 9024
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We offer a range a customized demos for you to view the software offering and evaluate it yourself. To book a demo: