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We automate the process of ingesting and classifying all types of content and then extract and validate the important data it contains.

Content management

Content management is about much more than putting stuff online. It’s a system for organizing content to ensure that the correct information is made available to the correct individuals, ideally in the context of what they’re are working on and the other systems they’re working in.

Process automation

Process automation describes the methods by which we route work and automate tasks. Electronic forms often initiate a process, taking input from users through web forms and mobile devices, and also from other systems through data lookups. Workflow ensures that the process is executed consistently and efficiently, getting all the necessary information to the right knowledge worker to make a decision.

Case management

Case management consolidates all of the information about a case — both data or documents — presents it to the user in a dashboard-like format, and records that user’s subsequent decisions and actions. It can apply to the management of vendors, contracts, projects, inspections, claims, incidents, support tickets — virtually anything.

Customer communication

Customer communication management automatically creates and distributes personalized correspondence across multiple channels.

Collaboration enables

Collaboration enables users to easily and securely share content with whomever they’d like, both inside and outside of the organization, and also to receive documents from outside parties

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Analytics uses intuitive dashboards, configurable reports and comprehensive audit trails to provide better visibility into operations and user activity.

Search provides

Search provides a single interface from which to search full text and metadata across hundreds of file formats, unlocking valuable content stored in other places like SharePoint sites, email systems, network shares and websites.

Retention & Records

Retention and Records Management is how we automate the disposition of content to ensure compliance and manage risk.
Solutions on a
different scale
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